Privacy Policy

Maintaining Integrity Let’s talk -

We are required to handle personal and corporate information, and will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure we keep this information secure. We may collect information when you indicate that you would like to receive platform services, when you register with us, complete KYC or KYB forms, when you speak with us over the phone, and visit our platform. We collect details of transactions carried out through our platform and the fulfillment of such requests.

When required we may share your information with other members of the Xcoin Group of companies to provide requested program services. We may have to share your information with Government bodies or Regulatory Authorities, with Law Enforcement, other agencies or with persons by order of a court to meet regulatory requirements for lawful reasons. We will not share information with anyone unless we need to do so to provide services which you have asked us to provide.

If you have questions regarding privacy, please contact our compliance team